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Welcome to the home page of the Passive Privacy System (PPS).

PPS is primarily a protocol for public-key cryptography key-exchange. It is important to remember that PPS is not, by default, about securely encrypting your email, it's just a way to get some of the hard work of cryptography out of the way.


9/15 -- Tragedy sparks action...
This has been a big week in many ways. The recent terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, D.C. have allowed a window of opportunity for legislation in the U.S. that was rejected in prior administrations. Soon, cryptography without back-doors could be illegal.
Now, PPS doesn't really care if you're using secure or insecure crypto.... This has some interesting consequences. Work on PPS will continue, and as far as I can tell, will continue to be legal. Of course, what this legislation will do is spur me to begin work again after a break that stemmed from some personal crises, work and the emergence of powerfully addictive video games called MMORPGs ;-).
Please join the PPS team at the PPS project page, and contribute whatever time and effort you can. Writers, coders and reviewers are all needed. Thanks!

5/17 -- PPS live on! If you're seeing this message, it's because you found PPS on SourceForge. Development of the spec will be picking back up in the coming weeks. For now, download, read and please comment!

5/9 -- PPS IS NOT DEAD! I just want to let folks know that I've just started a new job, and PPS will be a bit slow in development for a bit. As I get settled in, work on PPS will resume. If you want to get involved drop me some mail, and I will be happy to parsel out work on the spec, reference library or plug-ins.

3/27 -- The SourceForge site will be going up this week. Also, major changes are being made to the spec. MIME formatting is becoming much more strict due to the need to support Web-based mailers (incoming, at least).

3/20 -- I've just finished a lot of changes, and have put the new work-in-progress version up as HTML as well as the usual POD source. Please, feel free to comment, as version 2.0 rapidly approaches, and many changes will no longer be possible for quite some time (though minor, compatible changes will likely continue for a while).

3/15 -- IMPORTANT The spec is undergoing a major change, and the Work in Progress document reflects that change. The format of the X-PPS-Version is being updated. Please make note of this change if you are planning to work on an MUA. The new spec version number will be 2.0 when it is released because of this incompatible change.

3/15 -- Made some changes to the Work in Progress version to reflect suggestions from the GnuPG mailing list.

3/13 -- I am currently working on a reference library to be used by compliant MUAs. If you want to help with the library or make your MUA compliant, please contact me.

3/13 -- The work-in-progress (WIP) version of the specification has been put on the PPS home-page. This is a POD source version of the spec, and it may change, seemingly at random.

3/13 -- RFC2119 compliance has been added to the WIP.

If you have any questions about PPS, you should contact the current maintainer of the PPS specification.

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